Radiant Home Care offers the following range of support:


For those looking to live on their own, we can help you find suitable accommodation in your price range and navigate all the complexities that come with renting a property. Once you’ve found a place you would like to live, we can help to make sure that you are able to meet your rental obligations.

Innov Community Participation

This covers activities that are not included in other community participation categories and aims to help participants who may struggle with other types of engagement. We can help our clients to build the skills required to interact more meaningfully with their communities through fun and outside-the-box activities suited to their needs.

Participate Community

We help participants engage in social and community-based activities, allowing them to develop valuable skills, become more involved in the community, and have fun too! We can facilitate involvement in a number of activities depending on a participant’s interest, including social groups, personal development courses, trips/holidays, and community events.

Personal Activities High

We can help participants with more complex daily requirements to live independently. Some of the tasks we can assist with include complex bowel care, catheters, ventilation, enteral feeding, tracheostomy care, injections, wound management, stoma care, and more. Our experienced team of nurses and caregivers will be able to make sure that your daily routine is as smooth as possible.

Short-Term and Medium-Term Accommodation

We offer short-term (2-6 weeks) and medium-term (up to 90 days) accommodation for participants, ensuring that they have a place to go where their needs can be looked after. There are a number of situations where you may need somewhere to stay: carer’s respite, home modifications, or bridging accommodation. Whatever the reason, we make sure you receive the support you require.

Household Tasks

We can help you complete everyday household tasks such as cooking and meal prep, cleaning, laundry shopping, and other home and garden maintenance. Whether you need help with some or all of your daily chores, we can ensure that your surroundings are clean, safe, and suitable for living.

Assist Personal Activities

We can supervise or assist with a number of personal activities to enable you to otherwise live independently. This includes things like getting in or out of bed, showering/bathing, dressing and grooming, toileting, meal prep, feeding, mobility around the house, and planning your day.


This service is for those who need to access services or want to increase their involvement with the community but have no access to suitable transportation. We can arrange a taxi or other private mode of transport that caters to your needs, whether you require a wheelchair-accessible option or cannot use public transport for other reasons.

Group/Centre Activities

For participants looking to strengthen their connection to the community in a safe group environment, we provide access to a number of group activities. This can include anything: social sport, music, dance, cooking classes, arts, games and trivia, and more. Through these activities, participants can develop vital social skills and abilities such as planning.

Supported Independent Living

Whether you live on your own or in shared housing, we can assist you with building the skills you need to live independently and/or help you with the necessary daily tasks. We work with our participants and their loved ones to develop a plan that takes into account your wishes and helps you move towards your goals.