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NDIS Disability Support

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) aims to make disability services more accessible to people across Australia and here in Melbourne. Funding is available for those with a permanent and significant disability – whether it be physical, developmental, or mental health-related – and allows participants to access the support services they need.
Choosing the right NDIS provider is crucial to your future well-being and the quality of the services you’ll receive. You want a highly skilled disability care team who has your best interests in mind and who will be able to help you achieve the life that you want. At Radiant Home Care, we are dedicated to giving you the health and happiness you deserve.

We are a registered NDIS provider in metropolitan Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs. Whether you need assistance with personal activities, community involvement, or health and wellbeing, our team of experienced carers will ensure that your needs are looked after.

Each of our NDIS participants is assigned a support coordinator to help them better understand what supports are available to them and how they can best use their NDIS funding to achieve goals.

Your NDIS plan

Every NDIS participant must make an NDIS plan that outlines your goals and the supports you will require to live the life that you aspire to. This includes things like:

  • Information about you and your circumstances
  • What support you receive from family and friends
  • Services and supports delivered by community or government groups that are available to you
  • Short and long term goals, and how supports may help you achieve them
  • The support services and funding required

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An ECEI Coordinator (under 7), LAC (over 7) or Support Coordinator will be able to help you with your NDIS plan. Through your plan, you’ll receive funding that allows you to access services that help you live a more independent life. Depending on your disability and the supports that are currently available to you, you may only require one or two support categories while other participants may have more.

Your plan will change over your lifetime as your needs and personal goals change, meaning it is important to periodically reassess your NDIS plan to ensure that it best represents your service requirements.

How can we help?

Our support coordinators can help with a number of areas, including:
Understand and manage your plan
Help you with any service agreements
Ensure you're accessing the right services
Take control of your daily life
Make the most of your NDIS funding

Our NDIS disability services

As a registered NDIS service provider in Melbourne, we are able to help our clients across a number of service areas, including:
Household Tasks
Assist Personal Activities
Personal Activities High
Participate Community
Innovative Community Participation
Group/Centre Activities
Supported Independent Living
Short and Medium Term Accommodation
Young yoga and fitness trainer in activewear helping disable girl
Overall, we aim to help our clients take control of their daily living, maintain independence, and achieve their goals. We can help with everyday activities – meal prep, shopping, cleaning, gardening, and other chores – that enable you to live in your own home, community activities that help build social skills, and any health or nursing requirements you may have.

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More about the National Disability Insurance Scheme

01. What is a registered NDIS provider?
When looking for disability service providers in Melbourne, you will want to make sure that they are a registered provider for the NDIS. Registered NDIS providers have met government quality and safety requirements and are recognised by the NDIS. If your funding is managed by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), you must use a registered NDIS provider when accessing disability care. However, if you or a Plan Manager is responsible for overseeing your NDIS plan, you are able to use both registered NDIS providers and non-registered providers.
02. What disabilities are covered by the NDIS?
To receive NDIS services, you must have a significant and permanent disability. This can be intellectual, physical, sensory, cognitive, or psychosocial. If you are unsure whether you qualify, you can find more detail on the NDIS website.
03. What does the NDIS pay for?
The NDIS will fund several types of support for participants. This can include daily personal activities, household tasks, transport and mobility, home modifications, disability services, employment and training, and therapeutic supports. The NDIS will not pay for any supports that are unrelated to participants’ disabilities or that fall under the jurisdiction of another government/community organisation. Additionally, living costs that are not related to one’s support requirements will not be covered.