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Amongst our services at Radiant Home Care, we are proud to offer compassionate, carefully tailored Intellectual Disability Support.

Our primary goal is treating every participant as an individual: allowing for customisation and personalisation that fits their needs. We understand that everybody is unique, and every case is different.

Having a disability or limitation does not need to come at the expense of quality of life - nor capacity, with the correct support. We know how difficult Intellectual Disability can be. That’s why, whatever limitation or disability you possess - we will carefully accommodate and uplift you every step of the way. Help is offered to all ages and walks of life.

Aiming to maximise capacity and quality of life in all aspects, if you require assistance and desire support to achieve your full potential, we can provide it.

Services are performed with care, warmth, and professionalism - whether you require assistance in a home, combination or community setting.

What is Intellectual Disability?

Intellectual Disability is an umbrella term for conditions that may result in impaired learning, mental/cognitive capacity, communication and/or social abilities. There are a variety of areas in day to day life that may be significantly impacted or affected by the disability. This may be in varying degrees (mild - highly debilitating).

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Amongst the most common are:
Fragile X Syndrome
Developmental Delay
Autism spectrum disorder
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Chromosomal disorders
Prader–Willi Syndrome

We help with the above conditions, and more. If you struggle with Intellectual Disability, we will carefully begin formulating the best support route alongside you, to increase your quality of life and capability.

NDIS offers coverage for intellectual disabilities. When receiving NDIS support, we can get you started in improving all areas of life affected by your condition: from communication, to socialisation skills and practical skills in daily life.

Assistance can include:

When forming the best route for you, we will work according to your NDIS plan and begin careful reviewing your needs in all areas. Based on this, we will connect you to a support worker that best fits your requirements, and our allied health team.

We offer help in a vast range of areas:

Social and Interaction Ability Assistance

If you’re struggling with participation and interaction in your life, we can help you develop and form new skills and aid in the best means of communication/socialisation.

General Skill Development: includes practical, communication and cognitive skills

Intellectual Disability may cause struggles in the following areas and more :

Learning, problem resolution & reasoning
Interpersonal skills
Rule abiding
Managing time
Vocabulary, intellect/literacy
Travel abilities
Occupational abilities

We will carefully form a suitable plan for any areas you struggle with, and help you improve your skills and capacity to lead a more capable life.

Goal Achievement
Whatever you are hoping to achieve, let us help unlock your potential and assist you side by side in any plans, goals and dreams you wish to meet.

Community Involvement
Allow us to help you navigate the best means in which you may connect with your community and get involved. We can assist with participation in many areas, to reconnect and improve your socialisation, interconnection and community impact.

Health Maintenance/Management: including Exercise, Nutrition & Physiotherapy
In Intellectual Disability, health is one of the most critical and often difficult areas to maintain.

In order to keep you in tip top health and prevent any disability oriented health issues arising (or managing current ones) we can assist you in a variety of areas of health management.

Proper nutrition & exercise are crucial. We can help you form plans to optimise your dietary intake, offer exercise programs/assistance, and physiotherapist treatment: all on hand alongside our allied health professionals to take care of your medical needs.

Maintenance of Daily Life Tasks
We can help you plan/structure your day and get what you want out of it.

Allied Health Professionals on hand to help you in all areas
Our skilled professionals are available to meet your every need in a variety of areas.

We welcome you to take the step in allowing us to boost your quality of life. Reach out today to receive our side by side help in the areas you need support the most - ensuring disability never gets in your way.

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