Community Participation

Community participation is very important, and unfortunately many people living with disability miss out on these valuable experiences. Community participation covers many things such as attending social events, volunteering, visiting community spaces, or attending classes.

At Radiant Home Care we understand the importance of participating in the local community, and the many benefits it can have for our participants. Because of this, we offer dedicated support for enhancing our participants community participation - whether they need help planing, organising transport, or need a support worker with them to attend to their needs. We are highly experienced and know how to tailor our services to the needs and goals of our participants.

How Can We Help With Community Participation?

At Radiant Home Care we can provide help with community participation in many ways. Commonly one of the biggest obstacles for our participants in participating in the community is needing someone there with them for support. We can provide one-on-one support workers to assist you in community settings if you need. Another service we provide is assistance with planning and coordinating the ways in which you can meaningfully engage with the community. We can also help with organising transport and travel arrangements.
Multiracial friends with disability having fun using mobile phone at park city - Focus on african man sitting on wheelchair
Common things we assist with include:
Transport to and from community events
Assigned support workers to attend community spaces along side our participants
Access to community spaces such as libraries
Assistance joining social groups, support groups etc
Assistance attending social group excursions, camps, vacations etc
Assistance going groups such as sports teams
Assistance finding mentoring, volunteering, or employment opportunities
Attending skills classes or personal development courses
Plus many more.

What Are The Benefits Of Community Participation?

Community participation has many benefits, and it can help many people achieve their true potential. Attending skills classes or personal development courses can help develop valuable social and practical skills. Joining a social group and going to social events can give people a sense of community and belonging, help build meaningful and long lasting relationships, and improve social skills. Accessing community spaces such as libraries can help participants engage in community groups and find resources. Putting yourself out there and becoming known to the community is also a great way to find employment or volunteer opportunities as well. There are so many benefits beside these, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of engaging and participating in the community.

Why Radiant Home Care?

At Radiant Home Care our team of support workers and coordinators are all highly skilled, completely qualified, and know how to help our participants in a compassionate, respectful, and trustworthy manner. Helping people is our passion, and nothing makes us happier than seeing our participants reach their full potential, live life to the fullest, and achieve their long term and short term goals through meaningful community participation.

Feel free to get in touch with us today to ask any questions you may have or to get this process started.

Give us a call on 1300 933 061.

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Multiracial friends with disability having fun using mobile phone at park city - Focus on african man sitting on wheelchair